Yogic Lifestyle Support

For personal transformation, I have found that my clients/students gain more from weekly, private or semi-private Yoga instruction whilst practicing DAILY for at least 15 minutes at home and gradually build upon their practice after establishing a solid base.

 At Grace Studio, the focus is strictly on YOUR needs and personalized for YOU.  When you become a practicing student at Grace Studio you have unlimited support available to you by phone/email and  10% off additional sessions  throughout the entire month.   All students gain access to the  lending library which includes numerous books, movies and reference materials and access to the private area of this website which includes  additional videos, meditations, mantras and links for practicing at home. 

 All packages provide exceptional Yoga life style support.

Awaken your senses and see how a Yogic Lifestyle can help you start living to your full potential! Create an inner calmness, greater flexibility, stronger core.  Relate to your loved ones with more compassion, better yet, start having compassion for those you don't love so much. Move into meditation or just focus on creating your Yoga practice.  Learn more about Yoga philosophy or change your eating habits.  

Where you go with your practice is up to you.  

I am here to support and guide you as you take your practice to another level.

Package 1 $47.00

(2) Private Yoga Sessions; (1) Personalized Yoga Sequence; (2)"in person" check in meetings, Mantra Digital Magazine, Unlimited Phone/Email Support

Package 2 $77.00

(2) Private Yoga Sessions; (1) Personalized Yoga Sequence; (2)"in person" check in meetings; Unlimited Phone/Email Support;  (1) 30 Minute Massage Session

As with any important change we make in our lives, when starting your Yoga practice, it takes COMMITMENT, EFFORT, ENCOURAGEMENT & SUPPORT to make it part of your daily LIFESTYLE.

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