Massage Therapy & School of Traditional Yoga

Here are some of my favorite "on line" instructors, music links and holistic healing sites that I enjoy.  I hope they inspire your "at home" practice or journey.  If choosing a class to view please choose the levels appropriate for YOU but feel free to explore the others to see what your daily practice may aspire to!

  • Grace Studio's guided Savasana - Just over 9 minutes long - Free for YOU!
  • Gary Null's Movie ~ Super Charge Your Immune System
  • Mantra ~ Yoga & Health Magazine - I love this Magazine it's clear, clean and very visual.
  • 11 hours of Non-Stop Tibetan Music - Very relaxing and nice to have playing in the back ground. No purchase required.
  • Yoga Journal Magazine - A great online resource for Yoga and can be accessed for free. 
  • Basic All Level 15 Minute at Home Practice - Get your practice going with just 15 minutes of do-able Yoga. This class is set at the ocean and is not a bad way to start your practice if you are just starting to incorporate time for your Yoga practice.
  • Tara Stiles - Intermediate  - Tara shows you how to take some of these more challenging postures and shows you ways to make them a little more attainable. Crow, Half Moon, Dancers and Bird of Paradise.
  • Ali - Coffee Cup Yoga  - This is an intense class geared for intermediate to advanced.  Ali has several classes that are intense but only about 30 minutes long. These are NOT BEGINNER classes. 
  • Guided Meditations - This free site has lovely meditations to listen to and it is free.  Of course if you use it a lot it's always good Karma to support those sites that you use often if you can afford to.
  • Honor Your Life ~  This is an exceptionally reflective article by Gary Null and Vicki Riba Koestler.  It looks at all aspects of life and asks us whether we are honoring our lives and how to do so if we are not.