Congratulations on being accepted into our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training & Mentor Program. I am truly honored to have the opportunity to work with you! What's next?  Please take a few moments to compete the form below and submit it by May 26th. Also please visit the following link to schedule your acceptance interview or contact me personally at (207)-931-8706 or email at to schedule this interview.  June 17th is fast approaching so please schedule your interview as soon as possible. 

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Please Check All The Weekend Contact Hours You Can Commit To *
The schedule below is for the 8 month program. This is not including any make up days, sick days or personal days. You will be allowed to make up 2 days at an additional fee. Make up days for storms or instructor sickness will be made up as appropriate and at no additional charge to you.
Please check the financial commitment that best suits your financial situation. *
We offer a $500.00 scholarship towards your tuition for students who would not be able to participate without it. If this is of need, please tell us why this is important to you. We do not require you to show proof of your financial situation but we do however feel it is important to ask you to consider what you believe you will be able to contribute to the world if given this scholarship. Karma Yoga ( the practice of doing good for the sake of doing good) is an important practice in Yoga. If you receive this scholarship what do you see yourself giving to your community from a yogic stand point. What do you feel you have to offer to your students and community if you were to receive this scholarship?

Payments should be mailed to Grace Studio, P.O. Box 174, Readfield, ME 04355. For credit card or Pay Pal payments please send a request for the appropriate link.  Deposits are refundable if notified prior to June 17th less a $100.00 reservation fee.  Full tuition amounts are refundable based upon the number of hours a student attends (please see the financial contract for more information about this.)